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Chatham Chess Set

Chatham Chess Set

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Looking for a travel chess set? Chatham Chess Set delivers all the chess essentials in one place - a folding chess board, polished chess pieces, a sturdy storage box.

This Chatham Chess Set is made of durable plastic, gives you a smooth hand-feel, and portable. Black and silver grid, Golden & Silver(Color) well-crafted chess pieces make it much more deluxe.

Playing chess is a good way to spend family time. Novel style - suitable for home, company, school, journey, bus, or picnic. All ages are available.

  • Chessboard is made of smooth and sturdy plastic.
  • Store all the chess pieces in the foldable chessboard. You can then move the chessboard in the elegant storage box to keep it in mint condition.
  • Parents can play chess with their children, strengthen emotional communication between parents and children, and establish a good parent-child relationships. Improve children's strategies, increase their children's brain intelligence and make their children smarter and more capable than their peers. Ideal gift for parents and children.


Material: Plastic

Package: 32*chess pieces+1*chessboard

Size: 25*25*2cm

Chess Pieces Size: King high 50mm

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