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Mick Jagger (Series 138-147) by Andy Warhol

Mick Jagger (Series 138-147) by Andy Warhol

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Artwork Information
Signed, Unnumbered
Mick Jagger 138 Size 60×40 Inches
Mick Jagger 139 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 140 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 141 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 142 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 143 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 144 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 145 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 146 Size 43×29 Inches
Mick Jagger 147 Size 43×29 Inches


Andy Warhol’s obsession with celebrity icons takes shape once again in his infamous Mick Jagger series. Warhol’s interest in photography, collage, and drawing created a new conceptual framework associated with the appropriation of Pop Icons. The work relationship between Warhol and Mick Jagger began in 1963 and continued into maturity as both the artist and the musician were at the height of their fame in the early 1970s. The collaboration works so well because it manages to capture the essence of both parties involved.

By the 1970s Warhol no longer relied on found imagery and had considerably expanded his range of subjects. He often took his own photographs and the ‘hand-made’ look became increasingly evident by additions of collage elements using torn cheap graphic Color Aid papers, which were produced in a seemingly endless array of colors. The series of ten screenprints of Mick Jagger was characteristic of this change in style and the artist used a selection of ten of his own photographs that he had taken of Jagger.

Warhol had met Jagger in 1963 when the band the Rolling Stones were not well known in the United States. Warhol had designed the band’s provocative album cover Sticky Fingers with its focus on a man’s crotch and a zipper that opened. The album and the design proved to be a huge success and Warhol, ever keen to make money, lamented that he had not been paid enough given the millions of copies that sold. No doubt with an eye for financial success, Warhol turned to the subject of Mick Jagger, now a celebrity friend and part of the New York club scene.

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